Sunday, 21 November 2010

A Trip to the Manchester Velodrome

Last week my class from Stockport College and I went to the Manchester Velodrome to try out shooting fast paced action!  We had a chance to try different lenses and lighting.  I used three different lenses - fish eye lens on my 18-55mm lens and a 700-300mm lens.  The zoom lens really came in handy but the technique of photographing moving subject is really difficult - it was a great learning experience and I did come out with a few good shots.

It was good fun and has got me interested to learn more! xx

Monday, 1 November 2010

Shooting People

As well as practicing my photography in my spare time I have been getting the camera out at work also. I work in video production so being able to be creative in other areas is great fun. If there is any type of promotion needed, pictures for news stories or head shots for team members, I will have a go!

We have a new recruitment department at Winning Pitch and so I took some pictures of the new team. I edited them in Photoshop Elements. I enjoy the end product when I take pictures of people, but really need to get out there and do more!

Here is the webpage:


Theme: Looking Up

Here are another couple of photographs from my shoot out in Manchester city centre in October at night. I love taking pictures of tall buildings, getting right under them to exaggerate there height! I edited them in Lightroon - enhancing the colours.